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Child playing in speech therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Why work with S.L.R...

Speech, language, and oral myofunctional therapy

Flexible in-office or online services

Centrally located in downtown Olathe

After-school and after-work appointments available

Therapy services at local daycare facilities

Parent coaching and home practice activities for quick progress

Team approach involving parents and other professionals

Personalized care where our clients are always more than "just a number"


Our initial evaluation will identify your child’s communication challenges and help us develop a tailored treatment plan. This process will also document your child’s skills before therapy begins so that we can measure growth and progress during therapy. If your child participated in a recent speech-language evaluation or IEP evaluation, we may reference their report and proceed straight to therapy.


We believe that successful therapy combines goal-driven approaches, child-led activities, and consistent home practice. Our sessions are programmed to incorporate your child’s goals into activities that interest them because children learn best when they are motivated and engaged! We also take time to coach you, as caregivers, to help your child make quicker progress by working toward their goals between sessions.

Speech and stuttering therapy in Olathe KS

Speech Sound Disorders

We get all of your child’s senses involved in speech therapy! Many of our exercises and techniques are completed with a mirror to help your child see where their tongue, lips, and jaw need to be in order to correctly produce a sound. We may also use play dough, tactile cues, recording devices, and picture prompts to help your child engage in the process and produce challenging sounds. Speech therapy may help your child:

  • Use speech sounds accurately

  • Speak clearly so that others understand them

  • Confidently communicate with friends or at school

  • Gain new skills that improve spelling, reading, and writing skills

  • Self-monitor and correct their own speech errors


We know that each child’s journey with stuttering looks different, and we are committed to tailoring our therapy to your child’s specific needs. Our approach considers how your child feels about their own speech, how their stutter affects their daily life, and how their speech system responds to fluency techniques. We help your child become the expert on their stuttering and guide them toward their goals. Fluency therapy may help your child:

  • Discuss their feelings and perceptions about stuttering

  • Understand what stuttering is and why it happens

  • Learn fluency shaping strategies, easy onset, and pull-outs

  • Feel in control of their speech and reduce reactivity 

  • Gain confidence and self-advocacy skills

Our Specialties

Language Disorders

We use books, games, school work, and other language-rich activities to stimulate language development! Our goal is to support your child’s social and academic success by working on higher-level language and foundational executive functioning skills, such as planning, organizing, inferencing, summarizing, predicting, focusing, and completing tasks independently. Targeted language therapy can help your child:

  • Engage meaningfully with academic material

  • Develop essential cognitive skills for learning

  • Understand and process what they hear or read

  • Express their ideas in an organized and clear manner

  • Feel confident in social and educational settings

Language therapy for late talkers in Olathe KS

Early Intervention, 
Emergent Language,
& Late Talkers

We follow your child’s lead to engage in play-based activities that motivate them to communicate! Our goal is to support your child’s early language development by coaching you to use new strategies and skills during your child’s daily activities and routines. Early intervention therapy may help your child:

  • Grow their vocabulary

  • Convey their needs, thoughts, and feelings

  • Understand what others say to them

  • Play with other children or adults

  • Communicate in daycare, preschool, or school settings

Child with tongue thrust in oral myofunctional therapy
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